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Letters, packages, and more shipped to college students around the world.

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To encourage students who are away from home and equip them with tools and resources to help them be successful.

Students who start college, finish and successfully graduate.


Students away from home seeking encouragment.
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Donors seeking to assist our college students.
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Just received a gift from Smiles For Students Inc. Feeling loved!


Went to check the mail today expecting a package from Amazon and received an unexpected package full of candy and encouraging words. It made my day 10x better! THANK YOU! Surprise mail is the best.


When I moved to North Carolina to pursue a graduate degree, I had never moved this far away from home, and I did not have any family or friends in this new unfamiliar place. The cards and treats that I received from Mrs. Kriste in the mail always seemed to come right on time. Right when I was overwhelmed in school, and/or just lonely. These kind acts were reminders that people were thinking and rooting for me, and simply knowing that, propelled me to continue my educational journey.


Smiles For Students is an amazing program. I am currently a first year graduate student at the University of Houston and often I get homesick. These packages and messages Mama Kristie sends me keeps me going. They literally arrive when I start questioning whether or not I want to continue on with my program. I start to get discouraged and then I check my mailbox and I start to believe in myself all over again. Mama Kristie’s love and support keeps me going on my worst days. I love that she created smiles for students. I have never seen or heard of anything like it but I’m glad that I signed up just in time for grad school. Being away from family is tough, but these packages... they remind me of who I am and why I went of to school. THANK YOU MAMA KRISTIE! 💕


Smiles for Students

PO Box 8672
Moreno Valley, CA 92552